RCM Medical Billing Solutions is a professional medical billing service established in 2020 during the heart of the pandemic. Since then, my business has grown steadily owing to a business model based on solid financial credentials, executive-level managerial experience, and the firm belief that relationships generate the highest ROI. The pandemic has challenged all businesses, not the least of which has been the healthcare industry.

One of my laboratory clients had a backlog of over 8,000 claims because they were too busy performing Covid-19 tests, as most lab technicians were doing at the onset of the pandemic. At that point, my clients were operating solely on their initial investment which came from the borrowings on the equity in their homes. To date, I have collected over $5 Million for his lab. What I learned in this unprecedented economic environment, is that your medical biller must have the ability to solve problems in addition to the ability to process claims. I have spent a good part of my career solving issues as a financial executive in a large firm. Whether installing new systems or linking existing ones, I have consistently improved processing speed and ROI.

If you are starting your private practice, I strongly recommend outsourcing your billing needs instead of hiring employees.

If you are in the market because your current biller is leaving, then rest easy, as I will ensure there is a smooth transition.

If you are starting and you need help integrating your operational software with your billing function, then I have the experience you need to build a solution.

In summary, we approach billing from a holistic perspective, always striving to optimize all areas of your revenue cycle to maximize profits and provide better returns for your practice

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